1988 Toyota MR2
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Vehicle Name
Year 1988
Make Toyota
Model MR2
Color White
1988 Toyota MR2
History Bought as a 15 year old import, back in the day.

This awesome little Gokart has endured much driving and many stages of modification.
Without going into some long winded write up about those changes, I will say this. In its final stage of modifications (twinchared with a programmable ECU) and before the supercharger died, it would pull harder in 4th gear up the steepest section of one of my favourite roads, than my very torquey F6 Typhoon can in 3rd gear!

This thing has been amazing fun and will live again soon!
1988 Toyota MR2 Exterior

Under the Hood
1988 Toyota MR2 Under the Hood 1988 Toyota MR2 Under the Hood 1988 Toyota MR2 Under the Hood
A few photos of my old Twincharger set up.
The original supercharger died, and the engine due for a refresh, so I'm removing the original 1.6 litre (4AGZE) donk and putting in a larger a later 1.8 litre (7AFE Corolla) motor, but with a 4AG(Z)E small port head, a good condition, larger supercharger and no turbo.
Programmable ECU (Adptronic E420c) will be redone for a much nicer installation.
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