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Delllta 01-16-2017 02:18 PM

Pre-Spring Shop Cleanout
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Pre-Spring Shop Cleanout (all parts in good usable condition)

1) Alfetta (116 series) 2L Crankshaft: .010 Mains & .010 Rods, (can drill for rear bushing and use in 105/115 series cars)

2) S3 Spider VVT Intake Camshaft: #116.580.032.002

3) 105/115 Series Steering Idler Boxes (2) TAKEN

4) JrZ Rear Muffler/Tailpipe TAKEN

5) Spica 2L Timing Cover TAKEN

6) Front Sway Bar (with links - from 1974 spider)

7) Front Sway Bar (from 1970 JrZ)

8) 105/115 Series ATE Brake Dust Shields: Front Left & Right Pair, Rear Left & Right Pair, Rear Left TAKEN

Pay Actual Shipping And These Parts Are Yours (beer tips accepted).


rand 01-16-2017 08:58 PM

dibs on ATE dust shields


Alfamale43065 01-17-2017 06:54 AM

PM'd you.

alfajohn 01-18-2017 04:49 AM

I WILL TAKE THE IDLER ARMS #3 please send shipping costs to [email protected] thanks john

alfajohn 01-18-2017 04:57 AM

if the spica shield is nit take i would like it my zip is 32789 thank you john [email protected]

Delllta 01-18-2017 06:01 AM


You Are #2 In Line For The Spica Cover & Idler Boxes. I'll Let You Know If They Become Available. -John

alfajohn 01-18-2017 08:53 PM

John plese let me know if they become available thanks john

T Pate 01-30-2017 11:51 AM

Hi John,

Do you still have the front sway bar for the '74 Spider?

Delllta 01-30-2017 02:02 PM


I Still Have The Front Bar, I'll Send You A PM.


T Pate 01-30-2017 02:03 PM

Thanks John.

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