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nizam 06-10-2018 08:47 AM

AROSC at Laguna Seca Oct 20-21, 2018
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Hi everyone.

Those on the AROSC mailing list have received notifications of the Laguna Seca event this October. In case you missed it, here's the meat:

AROSC makes its trek up north to Laguna Seca about once every two years. Sometimes the interval is longer. But one thing is constant: Laguna Seca always provides a great backdrop for AROSC events! The track's facilities are very good and the track complexity is very challenging.

As of today (June 9th), there's a good amount of signups already signaling the eagerness of the membership to drive on this iconic track. And better yet, there are actually a large number of Alfas already signed up!

I'll be encouraging all of my track-day friends to come out and participate in this event and hope y'all will do the same. The AROSC crew holds the safest and organized events.

Here's a pic of the track I took from the air. Yes, the tree you aim for when finding the apex for 8A is still there :D

Robertsmania 08-27-2018 07:13 PM

Help with wheels from San Diego?
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I'm very excited about this event. I've been to Laguna Seca many times with PCA and Allen Berg Racing School, but this will be my first time with the AROCSD.

I am coming up from San Diego and would love to find someone going with a trailer, motorhome, truck or other vehicle that could help me get a set of wheels up to the track for Sunday.

I can deliver and retrieve them any time and anywhere thats convenient before and after the event. Willing to go as far north as Orange County.

Edit - Found a ride for my wheels! Thanks to everyone to PM'd me.

sidewaysalfa 10-08-2018 02:52 PM

Filling up fast
WOW, It is looking to be quite a fun weekend. Over 100 cars entered, so far. 23 Alfa Romeos. We haven't had this many Alfas on the track since the 2012 40/50 Celebration at Willow Springs.
There is still room for Alfas and Race. The fast group, TT2 is almost full, TT1 the slower and inexperienced drivers looks OK, for now. We even have 12 in the Lunchtime Intro Track Tour.
Here's the Alfa Only Group line up so far:
1972 GTV
1965 GTV
1966 GTV / GTA
1966 GTV / GTA
1967 Duetto
1967 GT Junior
1967 GTV
1971 GTV
1974 GTV
1974 GTV
1985 GTV6
1985 GTV6
1987 Milano
1988 75
1989 Milano
2015 4C
2015 4C
2016 4c
2018 Guilia
2018 Guilia Quad
2018 Guilia Quad
2018 Guilia Quad
2018 Guilia Quad

Racer Z 10-09-2018 07:54 AM

I'll be there with my 240z.

Unfortunately, my father and his 66 GTV won't make it. Dad (Art Russell) fell off his bicycle and broke his hip. He's in physical rehab making good progress. He's looking forward to driving at California Speedway in December.

Racer Z 10-18-2018 04:46 PM

sidewaysalfa 10-18-2018 05:00 PM

It is going to be a fun weekend. We are basically sold out. The Laurels Inn is out of rooms, hello Motel 6 !
The Time trial groups are closed/full. Intro Saturday has 16 drivers and is closed.
We have 25 Alfa Romeos in time trial, 4 of them Giulia Quads, 3 more Alfas in Race.
I see Panoz, McLaren, BMW, Corvettes, 1 Cadillac, a million Miatas, a Radical, Mercedes. Porches of all types, vintage IMSA Mustang Cobra.

If you are going to be there get there EARLY. Registration is at 7. We have over 120 people to get thru registration. First Drivers Meeting is at 8, first car on the track, Race, 9am.

mygtveloce 10-18-2018 07:10 PM


Racer Z 10-18-2018 10:40 PM


Originally Posted by mygtveloce (Post 8328298)
Great collection! Even without an Alfa, you set an example for "true grit" track toy... and hauler!:thumbup:

Very sorry to miss it this year. Maybe next year (please do repeat!!). Seems maybe an indication of growing alfa enthusiasm for the track...

:grin2: Oh, I have an Alfa or two...

I daily my 4C, 32,000 miles now.
The Giulia is the Garage Queen with a lowly 16,000 miles.
Both have been tracked a few times.
The 240z is my dedicated track car.

Perhaps we'll see you at California Speedway in December.

nizam 10-21-2018 10:39 PM

RacerZ - that's a great lift! Who makes it?

Racer Z 10-24-2018 08:41 AM


Originally Posted by nizam (Post 8329502)
RacerZ - that's a great lift! Who makes it?


Park Plus

Racer Z 10-24-2018 08:48 AM

What a great weekend! I had way too much fun. Weather was perfect, couldn't be any more perfect even if we had planned on it. Car ran great and I felt good out there on the track. Thanks Don and everybody else who helped put this event on.

Perhaps we'll see you all at California Speedway in December.

nizam 10-30-2018 11:44 PM

Some pics from the Laguna Seca Event
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Echoing @Racer Z, once again the AROSC put together a fantastic weekend of fun and friends, and for those with faster cars ... good lap times!

We arrived at Laguna Seca on Friday evening.

Attachment 1532970

Yup we're in the right place.

Attachment 1532972

We unloaded the cars of the usual trackside necessities (tools, floorjack, jackstands, etc.)

Attachment 1532974

and headed to dinner. Monterey never disappoints this time of year.

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nizam 10-30-2018 11:54 PM

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Next morning we were up bright and early. It was foggy at the coast.

Attachment 1532978

But the sky was clear at the track. Driver's meeting.

Attachment 1532980

Unfortunately, I had a misbehaving car, so it was time to wrench. Glad AROSC had these garages for rent.

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nizam 10-30-2018 11:57 PM

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Some pictures from the garage area.

nizam 10-31-2018 12:03 AM

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We had a little bit of fun with the amount of wrenching and fixing we saw in the garages. A little game of Bingo was quickly organized.

Attachment 1532994

We had lots of time to catch up with fellow gearheads.

Attachment 1533000

And there's something special about laying out the folding chairs and picnic tables trackside. There were some fun viewing of the exit of Turn 11.

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