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Rman 07-14-2019 07:41 AM

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I think it's time for me to give up my project, due to time, money and daughter going to college. First $2,000 takes her (the Berlina). Needs bodywork, already started. I have a new driver's outer sill from Highwoods Alfa, couple extra doors. It's complete. All mechanical, trim and interior parts are there. Needs a new gas tank and radiator. But engine will turn over and run. You will need a trailer. Pick up only from Wake Forest NC Can be a good driver or parts car.

From Marco Fazio at Alfa central office:

According to our documentation files, the chassis number AR 2354736 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo 2000 berlina (105.12), manufactured on the 22nd June 1973 and sold on the 30th June 1973 in Milan, Italy.

The body colour is Dutch blue, with “nocciola” velvet interiors.

Rman 07-14-2019 07:55 AM

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Will come with Turbina wheels

gmjohns 07-16-2019 04:25 PM

darn it! wrong coast!! glws

Andrew 07-16-2019 05:28 PM

Coast? Overland Park is a suburb of Kansas City, a mere 1800 miles from the Pacific. Adventure!
Too bad it's not a Fly In Drive Home. Or could it be if the doors go back on?
I have too many cars, I'm not a candidate. Just pondering. This seems a more than fair deal if you are up for such a project/car.

gmjohns 07-16-2019 06:13 PM

I'm sorry, I use the word coast very loosely.

Andrew 07-17-2019 05:36 AM

I know, I'm joshing. Still, a great project for the right person.

tirefriar 07-17-2019 09:15 PM


Originally Posted by gmjohns (Post 8439714)
I'm sorry, I use the word coast very loosely.

You were actually spot on. Car is in NC, about 2500 miles away from so cal.

Wish I had time,this could be an interesting project...

Delllta 07-18-2019 10:47 AM

Unless It's Been Changed Out It Should Have The Sought After 10/43 (4.30) Differential. It Sure Is Tempting.


alfacrazed 07-18-2019 04:13 PM

Pm'd you

180OUT 07-18-2019 09:07 PM

A chrome bumper, 2 liter Berlina at a righteous price. This car could be a great ride for once the fixin' is done. The price is right too, since it allows plenty of upside for bodywork and fettling. If you've never driven a good Berlina you really should if you get the chance. They are superb road cars, better in some ways that GTVs and Spiders, yet they retain the wonderful "Alfa" character that 105 cars seem to have that is somewhat lost on later Alfas.

Alas, I'm told the 4.30 rear ends were oem on Europen Berlinas. American versions had 4.56 rear ends.

Rman 07-20-2019 10:36 AM

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Additional pics, front, rear, engine bay, interior and under. Not perfect, but complete.

domo75 07-21-2019 07:16 AM

sent you pm..
we will take it

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