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Anfanuts 04-25-2014 07:13 PM

Giulia Super, 2L, white/gray-black, Austin
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Hey Gents, I have a very solid and well sorted Giulia Super for sale. A fresh 2L with a rare and desirable 4.30 LSD rear end for an "edgier" feel. Fresh white on nice gray cloth/black vinyl interior. It is a 1975 Giulia Nuova Super modified completely outside to look like the earlier more popular series 2 & 3 (68-74) Supers (trunk lid, hood, bumpers, grill, heart, headlight bezels, front blinkers). The interior is still Nuova with the console and headrests; it's much the same as the earlier otherwise. This is a common conversion in Y'urp. There are lots of other mods and additions, too many to list here, and a recent major "refresh". See attached docs below for details.

It's a car I saw at a friend's Alfa resto shop, Italclassic, in El Campo Spain in 2010. It was a very solid car but it needed some refreshing. Later, they needed some money, and I did not need another Super, so it followed me home with big puppy eyes after a thorough refreshing.

This is a very nice and well-sorted "driver" and you will not find many like it no matter how hard or long you look. It looks great and runs like a scalded dog. Had it on last week's Alfa THC Spring tour up to 100 mph effortlessly with a lot more left. It handles like it's on rails, solid and no rattles. And it's local to inspect and with no foreign shipping, agents, handling or Customs required. That's all done. Asking $22,500. Cheers, Bruce

PS: I've sold 2 other Giulias by word of mouth and had guys express disappointment that they did not hear about it here. So after a week listing it in the THC folder [LINK], here it is. We'll see how this works. Comments are WELCOME.

Photoset Google+: LINK (Google+)

Green Meanie 04-30-2014 07:57 AM

I have zero stake in this deal but can personally attest to Bruce's integrity as a seller. I purchased a different white sedan from him a while back and found him to be extremely honest in his representation of the car and the transaction was very easy. I continue to be happy with my car and have no doubt that this one is also an excellent example. Any prospective buyers should feel free to PM me if you would like more information, price excluded. GLWTS.


Omnivore 05-14-2014 05:13 PM

Super cool! (pardon the pun). Reminds me of Gillham's Hooligan.

Anfanuts 05-14-2014 08:09 PM

From a guy with prime Ferrari's, that's a high compliment to a homely little Alfa ;). It's going up to BAT soon.

Alfappassionato 05-16-2014 03:18 PM

Oh wow, what a nice Super. You always have nice toys around. In 2016 I will be ready to jump on the Alfa Wagon again. Good luck with the sale, I am impressed it has not flyed in the first 3 days. It is beautiful!

Anfanuts 05-16-2014 05:53 PM

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Thanks. Need to thin the toys out indeed especially with another waiting in Europe for an upcoming but as of yet unplanned Euro driving trip, #3.

The conversion of later (74-77) Nuova Supers to the earlier style Super is common in Europe, as well as lots of other typical car-guy mods. Original nice earlier cars are are getting pricey into the mid-teens-k Euro range, and nice S1's getting rare and commanding even bigger bucks, well into the 20k+ Euros. Nuovas are typically 1/2 - 2/3rds of the cost of an earlier style Super there. Some say their interior is superior. Most say the exterior is not. The mechanicals are the same.

And with >560,000 TI's/Supers made from 62-77 (~50/50 1300/1600), many doubt these will ever see the cache of more limited-production cars for "collectors", BUT, they are pretty rare here in the US comparatively speaking with only several hundred on the Giulia register and perhaps twice that with those hiding out. They definitely are great drivers though. But my search for my first here in 2010 was impossible; I looked for 6 months to no avail. Folks either did not let them go, or they were pricey, or they were a mess.

I have had 1600's, a 1750 and several 2L's and I can say that the 135 hp 2L makes a big difference in oomph. They all have their virtues. Matched with the rare 4.30 LSD it gives it a more urgent feel when you step into it. My son popped the clutch and over-revved on a similar car and laid scratch halfway across the intersection. Not your typical Alfa. If you are not a purist and want a fast good driver, a Giulia with a 2L is it. You will surprise many other cars (once you get into 3rd). ;)

Anfanuts 05-17-2014 06:17 AM

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PS: responding to some BAT commentary, the Turbnia wheel choice was a conscious and deliberate one. The restorer had several choices available. I first saw them here on the photo thread on a Pino verde Nuova and they looked great. First, with their offset they fit and well filled out the wheel well on a Super. Second they are a simple neo-classic style and IMO, I think it suits the classic Giulia boxy body style well. While wheels ares a personal choice accessory - like shoes, hats and belts - I think a mini-lite is just too busy, Rococco, for this body style. A CD-35 is OK. It came with Campy Americas at my request but they were too wide and offset and rubbed the rear fender even with a 185. And, Turbinas are actually very well made real mag wheels and far lighter than most aftermarket wheels. The 5.5" width is not a issue on a Super because the only tires that will fit on a Super without a lot of bodywork, 185's, are also listed for 5.5" rims. Now a nice HB TI-Super or AH GTA repro would be nice and at $300+ each would add more on price for folks to carp about. Since wheel choice is very personal, I thought I'd just leave that to the NO and put something suitable and light on the car. The only thing I have against them is they take a little more patience to clean; I am told the Italians call them "1000 crevices". And they do look better on a darker car.

PSS: linked in the initial post is a 66 picture photo set. If anyone wants any more, let me know. My rack has been occupied by a sick car but it should be down soon and I can take more underside shots successfully.

Forzaalfa 05-19-2014 05:20 PM

The original color used to be blue olandese AR343?
You did the painting and where else the car has a blue color.


Anfanuts 05-19-2014 06:29 PM

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Yes, the car was originally Dutch blue. Only the engine bay now remains dark blue. In the PO repaint (see history doc), he had it prepped for TSD rally and did it in the Euro "squadra bianca" style in white with a red nose and no bumpers. Only the trunk and engine bay were left dark blue. The recent refresh work I commissioned repainted the whole exterior but the roof (in very good condition) and the trunk, but the engine bay was not repainted. I made the call to defer the engine bay to some future time when the engine was pulled as it would have added about $1000 and the work was already edging too much northward. While not "Alfa" with matching paint, the paint is very dark blue, almost black, and in good condition so it does not look horrendous as if it were red, yellow or green. It was refit with S2 bumpers, new F&R turnsignals, and window A/C & gutter stainless trim not on Supers post '71. It is after all a nice well-running "driver".

If anyone needs any more pics or info, let me know. I will have it up on the rack and I will take some more underside shots. It is without a coating of waxoil like most northern European cars. It came form Italy to Spain and thence to me. It is good driver quality undercarriage like most European cars, but not for the OCD. Funny that it is actually cleaner than my Pino verde Dutch car which is liberally slathered with waxoil but it does not detract from spirited driving in the least. :)

Forzaalfa 05-20-2014 08:54 AM

Goodluck selling it. I kind of like the Nuova super grill and headlight eventhough they are not as collectible as early years. How simple it is to bring it back to Nuova, I also see bumpers involved.

Anfanuts 05-20-2014 10:45 AM

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There is a lot involved actually. While the body and chassis is the same, you need to replace the hood with the one with the center ridge, the trunk lid with the recess, change the outer headlamp buckets and lamps from 5 1/2" to 7" (the inners remain the same), remove the black plastic full-faced grill and large heart and replace it with the 7" & 5 1/2" headlight bezels, the 5-bar black mesh metal grill, and the narrower heart, new front turnsignals, and both bumpers. The directional repeaters and rear turnsignals are the same. That is a lot of parts. The interior is a whole separate question if one does that. That is usually left Nuova. I have not done it personally but I have owned two of these via Italclassic in Spain. You are unique if you prefer the Nuova style. Some other typical updates involve adding the hood spear and the side window and gutter trim, as well as other earlier model trim.

PS: it leaves the telltale Nuova mid-front valence ventilation holes that end up behind the now-lowered bumpers unless the lower front clip is replaced.

Funny that over half the guys modify cars and (far) less than half want them "original". Jim Itin recently bought an early 1300 Super and wants to put the later 3-bar mesh grill on it, while Green Meanie wants his full-faced stainless early grill on his later 1300 TI. Both original unmolested cars except for upsized engines now or pending. Randy replaced his 68 5-bar grill with a full-faced Series 1 grill, and many early S1 Supers have TI or later S2 grills due to the original being damaged and them being irreplaceable. Fred's really nice car is a 73 and it sports S1 "whisker" side markers and LOTS of mechanical mods while still being a 1600. No one would shun that car. The build on my 2L, 4.30 Pinyo is very similar to this car mechanically and cosmetically and it's regarded as a very nice but not entirely original car. It, like this one, goes like greased snot. Most all cars have at least spring and shock mods and suspension kit. Finding original unmolested cars is pretty rare, let alone pristine ones. The point: with only several hundred in the US, being overly picky will mean a long, long wait.

Mr ganz 05-21-2014 12:00 PM

Great super,i bet its a lot of fun with a 2.0 liter under the hood,
best of luck with the sale.

Anfanuts 05-21-2014 12:30 PM

Have you found one yet? I know you are looking for a nice early original 1600, preferably in white. Cars to that spec were getting pretty rare and pricey in Y'urp last I studied it. You and many others have been looking for a while and now I can add more to the list of lookers. Sorry you all are missing out on the experience in the meantime. ;)

PS: meet your new competition: LINK

Mr ganz 05-21-2014 12:55 PM

Still on the look out, for an early super.
you were right ,the good ones are north of 30, and rising .

redlinewins 05-25-2014 07:50 AM

Amazing car.

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