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This seller offends me. Always quotes crazy prices for tiny parts (once quoted me nearly $100 for a light timer ((retail NOS $45)). And I think the general concensus is that these "parts" Spiders were way too nice to part out, and in fact, he's seen the advantage of a market that needs parts more than project cars. I've refused to do business with this seller on that principle, not for personal reasons. He's not an Alfa guy, plain and simple - no different than your average junkyard. In the past he's sent me pics of "parts" cars that really just needed paint and TLC. No body damage. So sure, he's offering a service, and these parts live on, but just remember that there are better alternatives and businesses that are legit. This seller and naysayers can say what they will, but this is an open forum and I've shared my opinions (right or wrong) on what I feel is an injustice to a non-replenishable Alfa resource.
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