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GTA prices

Originally Posted by aguirola View Post
What might be the worth of a race version GTA, in 100% restored condition done by a major GTA expert, 0 Miles, ready to race? It would have to be a very kosher car.
Not a factory racer, virtually very little history.

Not selling anything, or buying, just an informative question, if there is anything to go by. I am aware that GTA's are not much on markets, and seldom are available.

Thank you.
Regards, Alberto
Alberto a restored street GTA sold for $225K in SoCal last summer. The sales price depends on many issues. I would add $25k or more to this price for a real Autodelta GTA and then start adding for the race the race history. Some of my friends with real AutoDelta GTA's with significant race history would not sell for $300K. The biggest issue you now face is competition from fake GTA's muddying up the waters so good provenance really determines the price with knowledgeable buyers.

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