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Got one thanks through Milano in VIC. Was a bit hard to track down because it's a common issue and everyone I contacted was out of stock.

Not sure of the value of your post, Alex. The 105s are a great daily drive, up for plenty of abuse, and mine has served my well for almost 10 years. They like to be driven hard and mine has always been serviced by Alfa specialists. However, in New Zealand, it needed some rust removed. At the garage they opened all the windows and clearly didn't tighten the LHS rear clasp when they closed it. I didn't check, took it on the motorway and wound the front window up. The pressure change pushed out the rear side window and ripped it from the seals.

So yeah, I knew the seals needed replacement - they all do, it's a 35 yr old car - but it wasn't a problem as long as the window was closed properly. There's only so much money to spend on replacing bits.
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