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Repairing a gtv hazard switch

The round hazard switch on my '73 stopped working-the button wouldn't stay in the off position, so the lights flashed constantly. The following shows how I fixed it.
1. Removed the switch from the dash by unscrewing the threaded collar from the backside.
2. The switch is held together by a bunch of snap tabs. Removed one tab and cut away the outer part where the tab latches. Could probably have removed more tabs but this worked.
3. Carefully pried and depressed other tabs until the switch came apart
4. The switch opened up.
5. The "female" half has a little lever with a pin that tracks in some slots on the "male" half-the part that pushes in and out. Can also be seen in pic 4.
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Jeff Lang
'85 GTV6 3L, '78 Alfetta Sport Sedan

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