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Ignition timing.

This definitely falls under 'having a duh moment' catagory. For the past several months my Alfetta GT (dual Webers, Euro inlet, air box and cleaner, 10-1 pistons) has idled better than it ever has, but thought I'd check the timing. I'll add here that I have a MarelliPlex with a Jim Steck modified advance mechanism. With idle at about 1K (engine was cold so used hand throttle) and timing light set at 0, it was running about 12 degrees After TDC.

My thought was that I didn't want to screw up that nice idle, but it obviously needed to be advanced a fair amount. I'm now going to mix apples with oranges - in that my final 'run' with the engine at around 3.5K, and the timing light set at 35 degrees, the light lined up with TDC.

I haven't taken it out for a run yet, but it seemed to idle nicely with a now warm (not hot) engine.

More advance? I'm doing it all wrong? Yes, I visually checked the advance mechanism and it looked fine.

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