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Greg, I don't think it will be necessary. Just to double check, I got out my big magnifying glass and with a trouble light checked each of them. They all look fine. They're now dull but I don't see any indication of wear. I'd posted the original question before I had received Misty's email explaining they were plastic and not available. I'll add that some time ago when I ordered items from Jon (AlfaParts) I asked him to include the 'female' seals. He didn't say a word, and of course they didn't arrive.

This is my first time working on a (non Spica) fuel injected engine - even though it is just to jazz it up a bit.

I'm curious in that you listed the injectors as fair - though they're now equal across all four. Do you save Good for exceptional ones? Or is it something like having even cylinder compression across all four, but the reading is a bit on the low side?

The Quad owner is a pretty particular guy, so I'm just trying to cover all bases.

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