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Originally Posted by justcallmefred View Post
Alan Ward has just informed me that his former long time partner Don Deane passed away on Monday in Florida. Donald was the "silent" partner in this relationship- beavering away in the bowels of the shop -making it happen. To most he probably seemed shy and even gruff on occasion but once you knew him or he opened up with a story a smile would soon appear. I was lucky enough to spend some time with him during our Firehawk campaign -sometimes on road trips moving the car around. He loved cars, not just Alfas and there was little he did'nt know about them. I never knew him to shy away from any task. He is someone I will never forget- a fixture in the Southern California Alfa "scene" and a great human being. Fred Schueddekopp.
I never knew him, and as an east coaster really only ever heard about the 'Ward' part of Ward and Deane. My loss. The small fraction of their work that I was familiar with was enough for me to develop a deep appreciation for what they brought to the Alfa community.

Thanks for passing this along.

RIP Don..

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