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RIP, Don...
Don was the ultimate fabricator... when the engineers came up with a new spring-rate, it was Don who got it coiled and Ward & Deane that tested it. The "post-Auto-Delta" no longer "door handle scraping Leaning-Leana" stiff front spring set-up we all employee today was developed at Ward & Deane.
My current race winning GTV tub was welded up for stiffness by Don Deane. It is categorically the stiffest GTV in existence.. and, as a result, the best handling... how else could an old geezer like me whip so many whippersnappers?

Let's have an OLD Alfitsi gathering (while we still can). How about a tribute to Alan Ward? I've known Alan since 1963... 47 YEARS! Yikes!
Willow Springs seems like the likely place (RIR is no more).
Current AROSC board take notice! Let's get a plan going.

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