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Originally Posted by 60sRacer View Post
...You likely don't need the 87 manifold - a euro type cast two piece is OEM, just not to your car, and likely will pass...
I agree with you on all of this but, while the two piece manifold is OEM for other years, its not part of the OEM setup for the 87 and its emission control equipment, therefore it is not legal to use in the 87 in Ca. Just because its OEM, does not make it legal unfortunately. Since it looks original to the car, and most likely the smog testers don't know what the original exhaust manifold looks like, you are right in that it will most likely pass visual inspection.

Not trying to nit pick what you said because I do agree with you, but did want to try and clarify the OEM thing. I hope my post helps and doesn't cause confusion.

While legally registered in Florida though, it really wouldn't make a difference here in Ca, if it is exempt from testing in Florida.

'87 Series 3

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