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Moving to S Cal with 87 Spider, Need Advice

Originally Posted by 60sRacer View Post
Cheryl - My point was that there are valid and legal out-of-state people living in California. Insurance companies need to have valid information on their risks, such as the location where the vehicle is driven, but do not (because there are valid reasons to have a valid California location with a Florida license) report an address change to the DMV. They do report valid insurance for state residents for purposes of registration (insurance is required to register a vehicle), but not for non-california residents - these reports go to the state-of-registration. Mostly they gather data from DMV on citations, which again affects their actuarial risks, but today most states share all this data.


I totally agree with you that there are legal and valid ways to live in California without making it your permanent address. Being an enrolled student in an university is one of them. Maintaining a permanent address out of state and continuing to file your income tax from that address are two others. Any W-2 issued will show that the wages are being earned out of state and after a certain period of time, it will no longer be considered a temporary move, unless there is a contract that states the specific parameters. Yes, there are ways to accomplish it, but you must always be aware of law changes and what agency talks to whom so that you don't get caught up in a bunch of time-consuming red tape.

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