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repairing gas tank leak

Good afternoon
I think I might have a gas tank leak in 1974 spider (SPICA to Weber conversion, fuel outlet from bottom of tank), strong smell of gas in the trunk. Seems to localize to the outer border of the gas tank under the gas condensation canister. The edge of the tank-well here is full of rust powder and bits and pieces from over the many years, and these stink of gas when dredged out.I tried plugging all the various tubes running to and from the tank, didn't affect the gas smell. It's not strong around the sender so that seems OK. No gas smell under the car and engine compartment seems OK. Gas smell permeates the cockpit

What should I do next?
If it proves to be the tank, does one have to be criminally insane to embark on welding/soldering repairs (even after steaming the tank for hours, then filling with water and dry ice before starting applying heat?)

Thanks for any thoughts on the matter
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