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Originally Posted by shadowburn View Post
If you get the manifold, you're also going to need the downpipes. Get both of them used, cut off the old cat, slipfit in a new one, and may be possible you won't really need a welder. Depends on how the header mated up to the rest of the system, and if the pipes are way off from where they would be compared to stock.

If he finds Santos too far, he has other choices. Being in LA/Hollywood, he'll be lucky, as he'll have a small network of ALFA mechanics around the area. He'll also have ALFA Italia, Omega Motorsports, ALFA Milano, and my personal favorite, Benny at John's ALFA Romance.

While changing your setup back to stock is a little more insurance that there won't be a problem with smog/registration, its no guarantee. If your current setup is working, with a cat and O2 sensor, if it was brought into any of these ALFA mechanics to get smogged, they will probably use there favorite smog place, and it will probably pass visually (not talking about having it "passed"). Even if he brought it into a place himself, I bet it would pass. For the most part, the people at these smog places are not really familiar with ALFAs at all. My experience anyway. Last time I went, they still put a stick in the gas filler to make sure it still had the restriction for unleaded fuel only. Seriously, where the hell do they even sell leaded fuel in California, let alone the rest of the states. They looked to see if there was an O2 sensor, but not if it was actually connected. Didn't even care or know there was a 2 piece manifold in place of the 1 piece. Oh, every time I go to get smogged, I am told my timing is off if I pass or don't pass! I just say, "really?" and walk away.
Thanks, Shadow. Yeah, not being sure where Santo was (other than in back of cereal box), I asked about him, but if there are other helpful mahcs near Hollywood, better yet. Good advice on the smog techs.....they dont see many alfas, Im sure. Even cops, once one asked me "what kind of car is that"?

Didnt know about down pipes. Sounding like a project/other variables to consider. I may take a chance and have my son see one of the "guys" and have them smog it. Theres something to be said about one stop shopping, eh?

Now, IF it fails, done they give you say, some time to fix all? 2 weeeks? a year (LOL)??

Oh, gees, on the tip of the exhause is one of those fat Borla tips (chrome plated, 4" diameter, maybe 18" long), not the stock plumbers pipe, Is that a no no?

Thanks, Shadow.

87 spider veloce
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