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I am the new owner of the 1900 Css Vin 10290. I bought the car this summer from Ben Schotz in Austin Texas.
Bernhard, a good friend of mine, will start the body restoration next spring.
Many thanks to Anthony for these incredible pictures, none of the previous owners knew them.

I have checked the history of the car as followed:

Manufactured in December 1956 and sold in February 1957 to Vicenza Italy. Body colour is grigio biacca with no information about the interior.
At this time the first owner was mostly an agent and I think the car was resold than. The next 9 years are unknown.
I have a receipt from a Speedometer repair shop in the New York area from 1966. The car was registered to Mr. Samuels. Afterwards Mr. Samuels moved to Gardena California. There are two invoices for repair works on the Css from Alfa Romeo El Segundo California, dated 1969.
I have checked the address from Mr. Samuels in Gardena via Google street view an it matches with the pictures from Anthony.
The car stood in the driveway until Anthony discovered it.
In 2001 the Touring coupe was sold to Mr. Barbour in Belvue Colorado. No he did not start the restoration, he starts the dismantling of the car. Only restoration work he did was the purchase of 5 new Borrani wire wheels with new Michelin tires.
In 2007 the car was sold to Ben in Texas. He completed the dismantling to the current condition , he bought some new parts like Nardi steering wheel, taillights, center grill, he was sandblasting the doors an rechromed some small parts.

Anthony, no the tool kit is missing unfortunately, the manual comes with the car. Do you have some more pics of the Touring or other information and documents to complete the history.
Does anybody know anything about the car ????
Please feel free an email me to [email protected]

My intention is to bring the car back to original condition.

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