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Originally Posted by Alfajay View Post
Boy, I'm not sure I agree...

...It is also useful to have a local drivers license for ID purposes....

Be sure to attend some AROSC events once you arrive!
I'm pretty sure most don't agree and that I'm the minority on this issue. That's okay. Its not that I don't think that things should be done correctly and in a timely manner, but I still feel you should at least use everything up until it expires, before spending more money (registration, license, etc). Also, 10 or 20 days, I don't feel is very realistic or convenient. Especially when one is moving to an area that is unfamiliar. First find a place you want to call home, that you're happy with first, or you'll wind up spending more time, energy, and money than necessary.

Extreme example; a client of mine recently moved here from Miami. They rented a furnished house before they got here. The wife is pregnant, they thought the house would suit their needs for starting a family, and thought they liked the area (in one of the canyons). They lived in the house for one week. They hated it. The wife moved out of the house and into a hotel in Beverly Hills for about 3 weeks until they found another house that they really liked and could call home, until they find the right house to buy. Cost to them to learn this, $50,000.00 to buy out of the lease. This doesn't include the living expenses at the hotel or cost of finding and moving into a new home. Granted, most people won't even think of doing something like this.

Perfect example, me. Moved to Woodland Hills. Liked the area and house. Lived there for three months. Commute at the time averaged about 30 minutes. First day it rained, took 2 1/2 hours to get to work and 3 hours to get home (because people really don't know or forget how to drive here in any sort of inclement weather after all the nice weather). Moved to Hollywood 2 weeks after that. It was closer to everything and the drive was way shorter. Been in the same place for 10 years now.

I really feel one should move, make sure they're comfortable and happy, before registering or changing drivers licenses over.

Haven't ever really experienced a need for, or to present a local drivers license. Police around here are happy as long as you have one that is current and legal (in state, out of state, or foreign). If you need a local ID right away, get a CA ID and change the license later. That might actually help if you would like to establish a Bi-coastal residency.

Hey, nobody has even brought up The Best of France and Italy! Its coming up soon!

Originally Posted by Joe Papa Sr View Post mean someone else can pay for my repair ifn it dont pass

...dont tell me you need to be on Govt assistance income/welfare to be able to qualify....
Yup, the state will help pay for your smog repairs if needed. No need to be on welfare. Not sure of the exact procedure. Info is on the California website. The testing facilities would probably help you out with what needs to be done too. Then after they mess up your car, you'll have to put it back to how it should be for best performance/fun.

I was actually quite serious about the flashlight and shoes by the bed. Make sure you put that in your son's head before he gets here. Also, make sure he has and keeps a supply of water that he rotates through the year.

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