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We have run one Lemons, one Chump 24 hour at VIR, an alfa track weekend and now an East Coast Timing Association land speed record event with the Milano "Jay Lamm is not an engineer" special. We have had zero issues besides a little brake overheating and poor choice of pads in the first event.

As someone said before, change EVERY fuel hose. Take a good look at your engine and trans mounts and driveshaft couplings. For the rear engine mount, I found 2 washers that were the diameter of the mount, cut them in half, shaped to match the rod that goes thru the middle of the mount, drilled 2 6mm holes and bolted the pieces together to make a more solid piece. I put spider calipers on the rear. I use a trailer tail light for an oil pressure light.

Oh, the milano did 115mph in the standing mile, woulda been better if the roof was not cut off...

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