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We just ran the "Capital Offense" LeMons race. The car was good, very forgiving and balanced. It was a very technical circuit with a lot of off camber turns, a 20 degree banked "Karousel", elevation changes etc. A good course for a nimble car. We had a motor performance issue toward the end were we would periodically start missing with a big heat load on the motor then clear up after a rest. Even so we did well, leading the race for a little while until one of our drivers spun and we lost 16 minutes or so in penalty time. Later a loose gas cap cost us 8 minutes as well. (Postscript, turned out we a bad ECU. It would begine to drop injection output when run all out for a few hours.)

We went onto a 6th place overall placing in a field of 86 cars. The top ten cars where all pretty fast and driven well. LeMons is going the way of a lot of racing, faster and more expensive.

Here is a clip of me in the car for the first time on Sunday. This was 30 minutes into a 2.5 hour stint and I was still working out how to drive this track.

Here is the my laps data.


Scuderia Limoni had some bad luck, overheating the car and taking out the head gasket. Looked good out there for a while. We had to make do with some other Italian company, a Fiat X/19 and a Fiat 128 Sedan.


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