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I have had issues with weird stuff on my car, I dont think they are so relavant. More to learn from diagnosing things while they are going wrong on the cars. Thats why I love good instrumentation and driver info. I believe these are free, because they don't make the cars any faster.

At the very least, working temp gage and idoit light, oil pressure and fuel pressure. Want to get fancy put in a air fuel gage.

I think pulling the valve covers and retorqueing the heads is a great idea, adjust the valves while you are in there. Use the alfa one at a time - oil the threads retorqing procedure on the cylinder heads.

I set the intake lash tight (.009)

Also auxiliary circuits for the fuel pump and radiator fan.

Replace every fuel hose on the car as well.

Greg Gordons guide for the L Jet is a great tool to get your motor running in tip top shape.


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