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Hi Wes,

Good thread.

We've run 3 LeMons races in a Verde, and have had very few problems (that weren't self inflicted). We are not driving the wheels off our car, by choice. We figure it's probably better (and easier) to run a couple seconds slower per lap than we could otherwise, and not spend any time in the pits replacing broken stuff.

In our first two races we had one single failure, the heater valve switch failed and dumped scalding water on my feet. That was fun! It cost us about 10 laps, but it was near the end of the race and didn't cost us position.

In our third race we had a Hall sensor fail in the distributor. It fixed itself before we could diagnose it, then failed again a few hours later, so we lost probably 45 minutes total in getting towed off the track, head scratching, etc.

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