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Lemons/Chump problems

Since we've been running a transaxle car the longest in Lemons I've decided to start a thread for all the Lemons/Chump racers for all the problems we've encountered while racing these cars. We seem to run into a whole different set of problem because of how long our races are. At the last T'Hill we were out for about an hour and a half changing a broken transaxle and still manages to do 988 miles of racing. No wonder stuff breaks.

I'm hoping others will post their experience with breakage so hopefully we can all learn from each other and not all have the same problems. One of these days an Alfa is going to take an overall win.

The late two races we've broken the finger that is on the shift shaft that the shift linkage bolts to. The first time we broke the tip of the finger off and the last race we broke the finger where the roll pin goes through. On one side the finger is relieved for the u bracket that holds the spring that centers the shaft in the 3-4 shift rail and the finger was VERY thin there.

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