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Curves for smaller motors

Since this seems to be the go-to thread for 123ignition info I'll resurrect it rather than start a new thread.

Ed's given a lot of great info for 2L motors. Anybody have any info on the smaller engines? I just got a 123ignition for a hybrid 1600 / 1750. That's a 1600, bored out for 1750 pistons. It's mostly a stock motor, with the late 1600 / early 1750 cams, stock valves, but with substantially higher compression due to a head shaved about .050.

Oh, and just to add to the equation, I'm using the stock 2 bbl Giulietta manifold with a Weber 28/36 DCD. Any general ideas before I just start playing around? I'm still waiting for a few bits and bobs before I can reassemble my engine, but thought I'd solicit feedback before I get started.


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