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I’m currently running 35/34 on my GT 3.2 V6, which seems OK. The sticker on the door says 36/35 but I have KW V2 coilovers and it is a bit hard with those pressures. Some of my GT mates run 34 all round. Wear wise it is fine. We are running Pirelli Dragonsport tyres on the GT, 159 TBI ti and my daughter’s 156 Twin Spark and they are excellent. We got 55,000 km out of them on the diesel Sportwagon with the 19” wheels. They ride and handle beautifully and are competitively priced.

One thing I know for sure is never to put cheap Chinese tyres on a car. We had a set of almost brand new ones on our 75 that came with the 17” wheels we bought and they were lethal. I think they were called Hurricane, or something, I can’t quite remember. The car was sliding around on dry bitumen at very moderate speeds. Both of my brothers had some on their Range Rover Classics and had the same problem and they were even worse in the wet. One of them lost control in the hills at low speed on a damp surface and wrote the car off after hitting an oncoming vehicle. You have to wonder how many of the cars involved in head on crashes and running into trees are running Chinese rubbish. The ones we had would kill you for sure. They should be outlawed.

As a matter of interest, my brother and I are currently running Falken Wildpeak AT 215/75/16 tyres on our Range Rovers and they are super quiet, with excellent grip and handling. An Alfa Club friend got a still legal 55,000 km out of a set on his Pajero and bought another set because they were so good. I got mine on a four for the price of three deal, with free wheel alignment which worked out to about $185 each.

Current Alfas
2010 159 ti 1750 TBI sedan (red).
2004 GT 3.2 V6 (Stromboli Grey).
2008 159 TI Sportwagon 2.4 JTDM (Stromboli Grey).
1987 75 3 litre (red). My first 75 and now my son's.
2000 156 2 litre Twin Spark, ( Cosmos Blu metallic), my daughter's car.
2000 156 Monza Twin Spark, (Cosmos Blue metallic), sonís girlfiendís car.
1999 GTV 3 litre 24 valve V6, metallic black, (sonís new car).

Non Alfa
1988 Range Rover Classic Highline 3.9 V8

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1989 75 3 litre, written off by runaway van.
1990 75 3 litre Potenziata (black), now sold & living in Newcastle NSW.
1990 75 3 litre Potenziata (grey, sadly deceased due to fire).
1982 GTV 2 litre, red, (daughter's first Alfa)
2 x 1992 164s, (1 red, 1 grey).
2 x 1988 33s, (both red).
1985 GTV 2 litre, (white).
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