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Originally Posted by Andrew View Post
Try one at a time: a different distributor, and a different TA. The old saw says 90% of fuel problems are in fact ignition. Sometimes proves to be true, sometimes not. If that's all you changed, I'd start with those two just from a troubleshooting perspective.

Andrew wins with his general diagnosis! "The old saw says 90% of fuel problems are in fact ignition."

My distributor rotor is crashing into the distributor cap. Apparently the rotor is too high - so it is scraping the bottom of the electrodes in the cap. It's not wobbling, it's simply riding too high.

I guess I have the wrong rotor or cap...

The cap is firmly seated and secured to the plate of the diz. The cap seats firmly. There's no excessive play in the shaft.

This is a rebuilt diz that I bought from Centerline couple years ago. The car hasn't run right since I installed it.

What the heck?
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