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Hi there, a couple of idea's. Are your min and max stops set correctly? Since you know your reference screw on the rear of the injection pump has been messed with, I would look at the picture in this thread and see how it compares. Maybe adjust it, but that's kind of the holy grail of "do not touch" things. From there it really sounds like everything needs to get reset to nominal. .019" with long rod disconnected and dummy actuator or sure start installed, adjusting long rod so it doesn't affect the .019", adjust short rod so the throttle plates are just barely closed. Then with a warm car set your running mixture with the fuel cutoff solenoid, I like the 2500 rpm method. After that you can set/test your cold start solenoid and test your microswitch/fuel cutoff solenoid operation.
If you are using a dummy actuator to set .019" make sure that when you put the sure start in that you are indeed back to .019", with the long rod disconnected.


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