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'77 with SPICA won't run right

Been away from this board for a couple years as life got in the way. Got divorced, moved, put the car in the garage, kids out of the house etc. I'm back.
Hi everybody!

A couple years ago I put a rebuilt distributor and Pertronix ignition in the car, as well as replaced my ailing TA with a Shankle Sure Start. The car hasn't run right since, and I'm about to go nuts.

Car blurbles excessively on deceleration, misses and backfires on acceleration, misses and puffs on light acceleration.

Old smog pump and stuff is long gone. I have a '74 two piece header, and a stock '77 SPICA.
The car does not have a TA.
It has a Shankle Sure Start with a 27mm projection.
SPICA TA adjuster screw is set so the gap is just over zero. (Reference Locknut was moved by a PO, but I have it adjusted to show six threads on either side of the nut and mount.)

Long arm adjusted for .019 gap.

The car has new NGK BPR7ES plugs.
Pertronix Ignition
Rebuilt diz from Centerline
Timing is adjusted correctly
Recent plug wires
Strong Bosch blue ignition coil
Good compression - 150 to 160

SPICA is adjusted correctly and by the book, with the likely exception of the fuel/air mixture via the cold start solenoid which I can't seem to get right. I'm not completely confident about the reference screw or the TA adjuster screw setting.

This is bizarre, because the car ran better/great with the points and condensors, and a bad TA!

I replaced the plugs twice this month because initially, I was running so rich they fouled and turned black. Plugs are currently tan/white after running around the neighborhood trying to get the mix right.

What am I doing worng?

Steve Bock
'77 Spider with SPICA

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