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A sister of our F12 was well presented last year in the cover article of Mobilisti magazine and later in their exhibition in Lahti Classic Motor Show. Sorry for loaning the photograph, I just found it with Google. I had also a 238Mira for a while and I must say that even if the design is from the previous decade, they both share a very well built and clever concept, especially if compared to the praised Typ2 Volkswagen. If I have understood correctly, apparently the -68 is a 1.3 Diesel.

Ps. I managed to loan a picture from of the Finnish Alfa Romeo Team in front of the F12 in 1960. In the discussion, there is a mention that in 1951 the first four Alfas were officially imported in Finland and one of them is recorded as a van, but that can also mean that it was a berlina which was registered without backseats due to import restrictions for the lack of foreign currency of the state and heavy taxation in 1950s. Until 1961, all the western machinery and equipment were rationed strickly with permits, based on speculating the user's need to buy a certain car, lathe, etc. and suffered of extreme customs sanctions. Where as eastern products could be bought with discounts, long loans and often by exchanging to some consumer goods that the Soviets lacked, even for stockings and berries!
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