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Originally Posted by EB101 View Post
"1: It is required to have a 25 post count to post a for sale ad. If post count is not 25 the ad will be removed and a pm will be sent. Please don't be a **** if you get a pm. We are just doing our job."

What is this nonsense... If I had an incredible Alfa for sale and I wasn't a regular poster, but wanted to list it on this site because I knew there were a few real Alfists on the site, but no I can't post a classified because I don't have enough posts.... sounds pretty ridiculous..

And as far as listing my location, I have no problem with that, I've got nothing to hide... I don't even see that in my settings and I'm not going to spend hours trying to figure it out... I probably don't have enough posts yet to have that ability to post my location... hilarious.... the sad part is that it is probably true!
I HIGHLIGHTED IN LARGER FONT the point I wanted to make using 2 examples of other car forums. I think the post count is a crappy deal on the forums I took those clips from. I much prefer the no post count required rule on BB.

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