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Originally Posted by Opiwan88 View Post
If you just look at this from the point of view that fossil fuels are a finite resource, you can see where we need to go. The earth may be able to replenish fossil fuels, but not on any timeline that humans would benefit from. We will deplete our fossil fuels one day.

The most intelligent solution then is to prepare for that day by developing an energy source that is capable of sustaining our needs on this planet. If we wait until our current primary energy source is completely depleted, we could end up in a situation where the next energy source is more difficult, if not impossible to develop. Beginning the process of research and develop while we still have our primary source is the best option. To fight against new, renewable energy is nothing more than supporting those that benefit the most from fossil fuels.

Step away from politics, see the problem, find the solution for the future.

Fossil fuels are the reason our lives are as good as they are. It is morally right to use fossil fuels because they provide a much much greater energy output, outside of nuclear power, than any other alternative source by far. Their benefits greatly out weigh their negatives in providing the most bang for the buck. It is morally right that over 1.5 billion people on earth have a chance to get themselves out of poverty and have access to RELIABLE and accessible energy for clean water, heat for their homes, etc. Big Wind (fart!) and Big Solar don't even enter into the energy picture. The land alone needed for these UNRELIABLE monstrosities boggles the mind. And we all benefit from fossil fuels.[/SIZE]
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