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Why should a completely innocent child be disadvantaged by the utter randomness of where they were born?

And before you answer "it is that countries responsibility to look after it's citizens", which I of course agree with, it is hardly right that other countries people prejudice them for something they had absolutely no control over. None at all. "We" were simply lucky and born into wealthy and stable countries, but "we" had nothing to do with that. The United Nations needs to be de-corrupted and made useful and America and Russia's head pulled in so they stop using other countries and other people's lives as pawns in their political game to dominate the world's resources. If America and Russia, mainly, stopped this game in other countries; guess what?, many of our current refuges would be happy to stay and live in their stable and safe country. Syria is a perfect example ...

I have a son on the autism spectrum and I now know a heck of a lot about how people judge others, and it is very wrong (and yes before my son, I undoubtedly played the wrong game too). My son did not chose to be on the autism spectrum, he didn't even chose his parents, and yet people will cross streets and kids will tease him. Human beings are the lowest of the low when it comes to how they treat their fellow human beings, on this planet Earth that we ALL share ...

... and to return this post to being on topic; the same is happening with Global Warming. The rich and advantaged do not want to alter their lives, one bit, because it involves helping somebody other than themselves ... and they do not have the capacity to think of others (same with health). If they did, they would pay better wages and share their wealth (and not by tax dodging charities, but by reducing their profits).

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