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Originally Posted by divotandtralee View Post
Courtesy? how about good common sense?
A few examples how other forums do it:

Simple rules to understand before posting.

First and foremost, no warnings. We will now delete your post if you break a rule. You will receive no pm. If you can't find your ad you need to check back here to figure out why.

1: It is required to have a 25 post count to post a for sale ad. If post count is not 25 the ad will be removed and a pm will be sent. Please don't be a **** if you get a pm. We are just doing our job.

2: Please post a price, location, try to give as much info as you can, and try to get pics up. Pics help anything sell. People on the app can't see price or location in the heading. So post it in the ad.

3: You can link to YOUR craigslist ad only, or link to a build thread you have posted here. It is HIGHLY suggested you also do what's listed in rule #2, however.

4: no bumping, tt'ing, etc.

5: If not interested move on. No need to give negative input.

6: If a mod gives you advice on your ad, either take it positively or take it with a grain of salt. They're just trying to help.

7: If it sold..... post that its sold! Or, mark for deletion by the mods.

Next one:

The For Sale and Wanted sections are for club members and require a minimum of ten legitimate posts across the site to use. 10 "nice truck!" posts don't count.
Name a price for your item if you're selling something. Guess on a price if you have to. This is to promote openness and to keep weasels from playing members against each other. If you're parting out a whole truck, you don't need to list every little thing, but you must list prices for the larger items.
State where in the world the item is. Put it in the title non-compliance = your ad gets deleted!
When the item sells, put "SOLD!" in the title.
ZIP Codes can go in the description if needed.
Be nice to each other. :cheers: (and that includes no publicly denouncing someone's price. If you want to inform them that their price is too high, please do it in a PM.)

Write a descriptive title.
Have lots of pictures (come on now, no whining. Digi-cameras are dirt cheap these days and host sites like facebook, or are free).
Take a decent picture. Prop the camera on something to steady it if indoors, keep the sun at your back if outdoors. Don't be afraid to get closer to the item so it fills the frame better.
It would be really nice if the buyer and seller could add a short post after the conclusion of the transaction telling others if it was good or bad.
It would also be nice if everyone added a post saying "PM sent" to the thread so as to reduce the chance that some one can swindle a higher price.
If there is ever a dispute, try to iron it out politely and have some patience (remember that not everyone on the planet has access to the internet every day). If there is still a problem, let me know in a PM.

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