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Originally Posted by Subtle View Post
Mandatory is too harsh.Encouragement is fine.
Even if one's location is vague such as "Northern Europe".
How about mandatory vague then?

Once again, if they're gonna be completing a sale, REAL details will have to be known at some point, right?

So, why all this secret squirrel stuff in the beginning?

Try listing something on ebay or craigslist with no location....

Most forums require a minimum of 10 constructive posts before a person can list things for sale. BB doesn't have that. That's cool.

But you can't PM on BB til you do. Ain't that a pisser.

The Classifieds need some tweaking. No doubt. It's not fair that existing members/contributors must continually ask for location!!

Where else in the world can you offer stuff for sale at a profit and remain in secret squirrel status?

We at least need something more defining than "planet earth" to see if we're interested in dealing with someone.
We're not asking for race, religion, color, sexual preference. Just their frickin location!!

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