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Originally Posted by kengta View Post
I have a little more positive take on this. If someone doesn't want me to know where they are or who they are then I take that as an omen and maybe I don't want to do business with them or bother to help them. That is a positive isn't it?


Not really.. in brotherhood, Ken.. it is wasting bytes on the site and your and my frigging time.. Put mildly .. Save the planet and Alfa BB so they can uses less cyberspace on their COM--puter server by economizing BS. But lets just stretch the Global warming thing to infinity.. no leave it alone. This included. I am amazed it took This long to bring it to the BofD's attention.. Onward and upward. My wife is a Weight watcher greeter who is grinding on crap like this for $7000/year.. when she comes home. I gave her the white flag ...Life is very short for dealing with a bureaucracy.. I quit that 19 years ago.. lets get real. UNCLE ... I feel like Luke ( Cool Hand) getting his baseball glove tossed to him on the way to the HOLE. I'll be back!!! UNCLE

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