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"My view, and surely we can all agree on this, is that the increase in CO2 volume is surely not helping the situation, even if the cause is the Sun's orbit, etc. And before you say it, yes CO2 is useful for plant life, but we are cutting it down so fast that it is not there enough anymore to consume the CO2, yet even more of it.

Sorry, as much as some would like everyone to agree, most do not.
Temps have gone up and down over the ages. Weather has changed wildly and people have been trying to predict the future of crops and food production since man began. Some cultures made offerings to various gods for favorable weather and as far as we know they had similar effect on weather as the currant crop of medicine men....

But please, do your part to save the planet. Sing cum-ba-ya and live carbon free.
Let all of the rest of us alone!

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