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Originally Posted by spiderserie4 View Post
sounds like your 'new' tank lost the vent nipple on the filler neck?

the vapour tank has 3 nipples, one at top and 2 at bottom.
top: this one has the little vent valve and goes to that hard line running along the cylinder head - that looks correct on your set up.
middle: this goes to the filler neck (on yours it goes to the tank)
bottom: goes back to tank (on yours capped off)

see post #3 here for original set up:

diagram is useful too (not spider, OK, but same thing!):
Yes, the middle one is wrong .. I DON"T have the filler neck vent that I can see. The parts manual has MANY designs of the system and tanks .. some have filler vents and some don't. ... Mind boggling how many iterations there are. Everything works fine .. no fumes .. no pressure in the tank when I go to fill-up.. It is the screw type gas cap. The only PITA is getting the fuel into the tank. It takes some on-off pumping to get the tank to swallow the gas from the pump. I would lay odds it is the neck vent missing that causes the refill issue but the tank has to be vented or there would be pressure build-up when I unscrewed the cap. .. Oh Well.. onward and upward. Some things are better left alone is my attitude. Thanks for your post.

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