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Originally Posted by Michael Smith View Post
I've not used a spring compressor but it seems to me that this would work. If you can measure the spring length at normal ride height just use a spring compressor to achieve that length and bolt the suspension up and torque it.
As someone who has used a spring compressor this is a terrible idea.

First off once you compress the spring you would still need to jack up the corner you're working on to the spring as the damper doesn't compress with a spring. Secondly external spring compressors which is what you'd need to use are ultra dangerous and can result in serious gruesome injuries should it slip off. I say this because I have actually seen this happen more than once. There are some better ones out there these days but its not a quick simple tool to use inside the strut tower.

This is a problem that can be solved by driving the car up on 4 double wood planks, or hitting a local shop, or 4 jack stands under the hubs, all of which are faster and significantly safer.

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