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Originally Posted by doctorb View Post
Hi folks. I just got my new old alfa running (sort of). My in-laws wanted to make room in their garage and the car hadn't run since 2000-ish so I took it over.
1. I drained and replaced fuel
2. Borrowed a battery, turned it over, but no spark. Quickly traced to flywheel sensors reading open circuit. Replaced both of those with new ones, and whammo, it turned over and started running for 3-5 seconds...I figured it was running off the CSI and the FI ECU wasn't waking up. The Ignition ECU had to be waking up though, as there was clearly a spark for the engine to get going under CSI.
3. The voltage is lower then 10.5V while cranking. Rather than trace all wires, clean grounds, etc. etc., my quick test was to jump off of my truck. It fired up and I had it idle for 30 minutes or so. Soooooo.....I figure I need to fix the "low voltage problem". There's no rush on my end, so that's a battle for another day.


here is our little 84 we bought 2 months ago to share the garage with our GTV6. the day we got it/mid paint/day we got it back.

1981 GTV6 3.0L
1983 Spider
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