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Originally Posted by Michael Smith View Post
I have no vested interest in being right or wrong, only in understanding the suspension design and the repair process.
The rubber bushing is an extremely interesting piece of technology. It's a really simple piece of kit, but it brilliantly solves a complicated engineering problem: how to design a joint that maintains geometry while allowing for twisting and flex (no matter how rigid a suspension part, there is always SOME flex) AND dampening noise and vibrations while being reliable, low maintenance and economical to manufacture.

The rubber bushing is also somewhat counterintuitive as you pointed out because it does not really allow free movement - but it allows free enough movement within a very small range of motion. But a surprisingly small range of motion is all you need. When you tighten the bolts with the suspension weighted, what you're actually doing is setting the center of this small range of motion.

According to this article on Monroe's website it was invented by Walter Chrysler himself in the '30s...


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