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Pittsburgh was a HOT Cortile!

Great venue..great cars.. great people .. Reunions all around. My take is there could have been more early cars from a 300 mile radius that I know were home.

I go for the people and the photos reflect it.. Highlites---- Track was fantastic and close ( 20 miles) ...One shunt but could have been worse and car was still driving home to Toronto..PVGP is best event I have been to since Laguna and PB...Size and scope is mind numbing and FREE to the public. It goes on for two weeks ending with racing Sat and Sun. Concorso at Cortile is really Concorso at the PVGP...Grounds of the Pittsburgh Golf Club and Schenley Park ...PGC is the playground for the Pittsburgh magnets who built industry from 19th C. and Schenley for the common man..Great great place to be if you enjoy people watching, beautiful cars and a 200 year old shade tree on a sultry,hot, but breezy day. Every car marque of interest is represented. ALFAS had our place on the high ground at the entrance to the club. It is a VERY hilly place and so is Pittsbugh! Check it out on You tube.

Here are the photos of interest and scroll to the following post for more...Photo # 1 Uncle and Nephew jay Maveety (NC) with ex- Michael Payne '57 Sprint he proudly drove, autocrossed, toured,and washed 16 times,. It will need new paint job when he is done washing. #2---Aunt Linda flirting with race car gallantry at the track ..#3 Hemsley (TN) Justus (MO) and Faherty (WA) #4 R. Ballantine (CO) wooing Linda (MA). #5. Burning the midnight oil (NPI)
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