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Originally Posted by sloboy89 View Post
There should be a pink & white wire from pin 87 of the drive relay that goes into a harness and eventually to the inertia switch by the windshield-washer bottle. That switch is designed to turn off the fuel pumps in case of a rollover. Perhaps someone rerouted that wire.
That pink and white wire is present, and the inertia switch is good.
It's as though the in-line fuel pump fuse wire disappears into the ECU connector, and re-emerges to be connected to pin 30 of the drive relay. The ECU boot is clean - I don't see evidence of any hacking.

BTW, I freed the clutch and drove the car back and forth in the driveway - a whole 20 feet. I put the car on blocks, started in 4th, then applied the brakes. Freed up first time without beating it to death. Easy-peasy.

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