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Originally Posted by cavilry View Post
I’m assuming all these comments are good natured, but if you’re simply coming into my ad to say “people lose money on cars” or “looks like the markets topped out” I would ask you why? I’m trying to sell this vehicle to help provide for my family since a two-seat car is hard to justify with a baby in the home, not because I’m some speculator or someone trying to funnel money into my next car.
If it’s not worth it to you, no worries! But coming on here to put out for all the world to see that you think it’s only worth x...truly not helpful or appreciated. Thanks!
"Why" you ask, well, for one thing, this is a BB for Alfa owners. It is the habit and practice on this board to discuss Alfa cars. If you find this offensive then you have posted your ad in the wrong place. (You placed your ad on a bb that Alfa car appraisers subscribe to. You really don't think that your car won't be appraised???)

(It is clear that your BAT auction drew comments that contain opinions that members of this board are now giving you. See below. )

You telling us to "shut up" and not offer advice is offensive and a sure-fire way for dissuading some of us who might otherwise have mentioned or looked over your car for those we know looking for a GTV to not even both.

You've got a great story but an old one and far from unique. I don't think that your story would compel anyone to buy your GTV (I'm saying that your restoration horror story could be off-putting to a potential buyer. Stop telling it.)

You've got a nice enough GTV that was clearly built to your taste. You might not have noticed that for the last few years the majority of first-time buyers of vintage GTVs are paying the big bucks for the ones restored to "factory original". You've got to find the buyer who wants your creation. But you know that.

So you listed it on BAT (the photos used in the BAT auction did the cars no favors. The reflections from the ground made it look like the paint had a lot of flaws.)

Have you tried:
  • cars and coffee with a for sale sign in the window? (I've sold two restored GTVs at this venue.)
  • eBay?
  • a car broker?
  • an auction house that does Pebble Beach in August? A few top dollar sales of GTV in recent years and in your backyard.

We are just trying to help.
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