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Originally Posted by balloway View Post
Please don't take this the wrong way, but with a little one myself I'm considering a GTV specifically because they have backseats. I see yours doesn't, but is there something preventing that? Are GTV backseats really that unusable? I swear I've seen 4 adults in them before...though none of them looked that comfortable.
Haha! I have definitely had 4 adults in a GTV before but no, not very comfortable. Nothing preventing putting the back seat back in on this car other than removing the leather parcel shelf first. Now, fitting a diaper bag, stroller, and a wife in at the same time...that I'm not so sure on.

I guess what I should have said was: I can't justify having a "fun" car in the garage when we're trying to make it work in California on one income. My daily driver/commuter is relatively enjoyable (2009 John Cooper Works Mini Cooper S) so I'm trying to just force myself to enjoy that on the very rare occasion I get out for a quick twisty drive.
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