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I'm going to look into the fuses but agree with others: likely not the issue. Someone else told me that the left and right turn indicators work off different fuses -- and both are non-operational. Plus the stereo (maybe that one is a fuse).

Going into the shop one of the turn indicators was a "fast" blink -- so there was an issue of some sort. But it worked. The guy told me that the wrong lights were blinking in the front, and that the car was incorrectly wired. So he's sort of hiding behind that when he says "I didn't break anything."

But he did supposedly fix the drain tube on the driver's side and he did do the pedal box / pivot arm work. I would think there's a chance that wiring was disturbed.

Sadly, he definitely refuses to have a look again unless I pay the $120/hour.

It troubles me that he took my $1400 and let me drive home without making sure the car was roadworthy. C'est la vie.
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