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I’m assuming all these comments are good natured, but if you’re simply coming into my ad to say “people lose money on cars” or “looks like the markets topped out” I would ask you why? I’m trying to sell this vehicle to help provide for my family since a two-seat car is hard to justify with a baby in the home, not because I’m some speculator or someone trying to funnel money into my next car.

If you’ve looked at any recent GTV auctions, $60-70k is not uncommon over the last few months and no, they weren’t all un-modified restorations. Maybe mine isn’t worth that, who knows. I do know that a rust-free, blemish free, well sorted car with an engine built by one of the more respected builders is worth something.

If it’s not worth it to you, no worries! But coming on here to put out for all the world to see that you think it’s only worth x...truly not helpful or appreciated. Thanks!

1972 GTV- Terry Tinney-built motor/transmission, Custom 1750 Interior, and a whole lotta love
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