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Fuses & Getting Turn Indicators Working

I've got an 83 Spider. It has been great w/few problems.

Recently, I brought it to a well-known Alfa mechanic for some work and found that afterwards the turn indicators weren't working and the stereo stopped turning on.

The two things that were done at the shop were

1) replaced the driver's side drain hose under the cowl.
2) clutch pedal - He fixed the known issue with the pivot arm

It's possible (?) that while doing this work some wires became undone or disturbed, whatever. Or maybe not?

I have never messed with the fuses in the 6 years I've owned the car but mechanic said to start there. Should I just go ahead and replace all the fuses and while doing that clean the connection points?

Any recommendations are much appreciated.

LASTLY, the plastic cover on the steering column seems to be missing the screws. I labored to find the right size. IDEAS PLEASE?
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