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Originally Posted by howieb4 View Post
Trying to figure out how to chronicle how a 1970 1750 GTV that was shipped to Canada was built. I may want to restore/repair/replace parts on my car and would really like to know if there was a standard build sheet on these vehicles. It's really a hybrid of a 69 and 71 but still unique.

So here is what mine has...
Twin weber 40s
Hanging pedals
Front body mounted turn signals
Single brake booster with MC
1971 seat pattern(not flying buttresses)
tapered window winders
arm rests with silver trim strip
Unique door card patterns with vertical stripes(?)
single turn signal indicator on dash
I think it came with a 2 port waterpump, but now has a three port after a nightmare trying to order the correct version.
small red/yellow tail lights
air intake cannister with long snorkel reaching almost from of engine bay
Oil cartridge, not a screw on type. Hate it. No way to easily remove cartridge without spilling oil

And does the fact that the 1970 wasn't sold in the US make it more valuable than a 69? I've seen many pics of a 1970 and they all seem to be a bit different. Single verse dual brake boosters/ spica vs. weber.

I have ordered replacement parts from all the usual US supply house and there is always a hesitation from the guy on the phone when I say I have a 1970.

It's not a hybrid. It's a Canadian spec 1970 and 1971 GTV. They are basically a LHD Euro spec 1750 GTV with English gauges. They were built for the Canadian market. In 1971 the Canadian dealers offered both Canadian spec and USA spec cars. This was the first and last year that the 1750 FI model was offered in Canada.

In my opinion, in the north American market, the 69 Canadian spec GTV IS the most desirable because of seat and carbs.

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