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An update for this silly search for two stinkin' cage nuts that supposedly could have materialized at a local mom & pop hardware with ease. If anyone else may think of using the item's "tip" link above, a bit of a warning; call first with any exact measurement you may have.

I ordered cage nuts and square nuts for the headlight assemblies, among other things that I needed...but, batted 0-for on those. The threaded 5mm female parts were right, but the O.D. and even the clip were not correct. All was not lost, however. While the square nuts I ordered were too small for the 4 slots on the built-in body's headlight receiving locations, they are the right size for the buckets (if they had the right cage nut clip around them)...but, when I took the new cage nuts apart, the square nuts were perfect for the 4 body spots.

So back to the correct size cage nut search. I actually did get a lot of other assembly stuff done today, but I wanted to get my headlights in and the new harness wires to them. Ugh.

Hope to see a few of you in Pittsburgh Friday. The weather is as thick as pea soup, so be warned about that too!
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